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Learn, Reward, Detect, Correct!






BrainerKids (BK) is partnering with schools and teachers all over the country to enhance youth education through a revolutionary incentivized learning platform.

This app goes beyond inner-outer school communication and gives teachers and parents the ability to co-manage a child’s performance and engagement.
  • The founder of BrainerKids brought together leaders in education, leaders in industry and parents suffering through a growing technology crisis

  • BK is an educational vehicle to create a positive avenue for child device dependency through a highly researched incentive based edu-tainment methodology.

  • The educational courses meet common core educational assessment criteria.

How Parents & Teachers are Partnering…

Through Face-to-Face Sharing of BK Information

BrainerKids allows parents to share BrainerKids report cards and progress with their children’s teachers. Teacher and parent relationships can be stronger through shared information.

Our detection mechanism can pinpoint certain developmental issues that could unlock new teaching methods for underperforming children (without years of frustration and potential mis-diagnosis)

Teachers can tap into the incentivized platform to further encourage learning in the classroom.

Teachers can feel confident that BrainerKids meets all educational standards.

Educator Initiatives to Pay it Forward

As part of our initiative to use technology to grow our children in a danger-free environment, we are donating BrainerKids Plus to all teachers for the first 12 months to use at home as a tool for their own family.

If you’d like to learn more or be part of a teacher test team as we continue to expand our educational platforms, please fill out the contact form below including your school district.

Download BrainerKids

And start charging your child’s brain with powerful education around their favorite entertainment. It really is a no brainer!